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About Warrior Women in Christ

How it all began


Warrior Women In Christ (W.W.I.C) started December 2011 as a one time women's luncheon at the home of founder Jessica Williams. She attended a powerful women's gathering a few months prior, hosted by the late Apostle Subrina Franklin of Detroit, MI (powerful woman of God). There was a  group of women ranging from teenagers to adulthood. This gathering was so powerful, Jessica knew her friends and family had to meet this lady so they could experience God the same way as she did.  

After prayer, picking a day and talking over the phone, Jessica began to seek God like never before. Praying, crying, worshipping, interceding, fasting and waiting.  The closer it got to the date nerves began to take over, and doubt began to sit in.  (What if no one shows up, what if God didn't say to do this, what if these women think I'm crazy?) were some of the thoughts that went through Jessica's head. Deciding to cancel the luncheon Jessica called Apostle Subrina to let her know, and Apostle laughed so hard and told her to pray then call her back. But God, God spoke clear as day and said to Jessica "They will come, just trust in me and fast for three days prior to the big day (insert Proverbs 3:5-6)." Jessica made that phone call and left a message saying the gathering was still on, Apostle Subrina sent a text saying: "See you then." 

Now the big day is here, food is cooked, worship music playing, table is set nice and then the bell rings! Once everyone arrived we all introduced ourselves and then Apostle Subrina asked Jessica "Why did you want everyone to get together? As Jessica began to share why, she began to tell her testimony.  As she thought this day would be for others, yet, it turned into a much needed healing gathering for her and the beginning of her ministry.   That day, friends and family were so moved by Jessica's testimony and God's power and word they all wanted this again. This was the beginning of the, then known as "The Women's Prayer Gatherings."  

W.W.I.C is born

After years of meeting, praying, studying and seeking wise council. Jessica was ordained as a Minister of the gospel in 2014.  The women's gathering has had over hundreds of women stop by, seeking Christ and his word, receiving healing and deliverance, fellowshipping together, worshipping the Lord and even some that decided to give their lives to Christ. This only happened by the grace of God. Because his word says to us: 

" Matthew 18:20 New International Version (NIV)

20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” 

At this time the ministry was growing and other women started hosting a "womens prayer gathering" at their home, so we figured we now needed a name. After many options were put in the hat, there was still one more person who had yet to have the opportunity to add their suggestion in the mix; it was Jessica's husband Brian, he suggested: "What about "W.W.I.C?"  What does that stand for Brian ( Jessica asked) Warrior Women in Christ, because that is what you all are about anyway right?" WOW! Blew everyone away. The ladies loved it, so W.W.I.C was born. 

Through W.W.I.C women have joined together to start a movement in Christ. We are a group that fosters God's love, gifts and ministries. We embrace sisterhood and all of what God's word has to offer. This is a no judgement zone and allows for freedom of Worship, Inspiration, Help and Understanding ones purpose to fully be what God has called each of us to be through his will. We hold monthly meetings to help us get rid of the baggage that is holding us back to move forward in our calling and we hope that other women around the world will join this movement by hosting a meeting within their community of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. 

Prayer Time


This is a place where you can find prayers to help you through your day or life in general. Please feel free to check back often as we will be updating this section regularly. 

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